RPFSC Policies

Our Club’s policies are listed below. Click on the Policy name to read the Policy. RPFSC closely follows the Safe Sport Program outlined by Skate Canada.


Code of Conduct
RPFSC skaters will be respectful to their coaches and peers on ice and off ice (inclusive of dressing rooms and outdoors) while attending lessons. Members and skaters may not display any inappropriate behavior; Including but not limited to the following:

  • Intimidating conduct or gestures
  • Disruption of lessons
  • Unwelcomed remarks and gestures, threats, swearing
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Vandalism (damaging property)
  • Violence (verbal and physical fighting, throwing objects)

Members and skaters who do not abide to this code will be subject to disciplinary action.

  1. First violation: verbal warning.
  2. Second or repeated violation: suspension from activities.
  3. Third violation: expulsion from the club. Refunds will not be provided to the violator and the individual will cease to be a member of RPFSC.

If you (witness or victim) are subjected to an abusive situation, please report immediately to the RPFSC Board of Directors (info@rpfsc.ca) or in person/email to a coach (coaches@rpfsc.ca).


Zero Tolerance Policy
Riley Park Figure Skating Club is committed to providing a skating environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to participate in a respectful environment free from bullying, harassment and discrimination. Please refer to the Skate Canada Website for a more detailed description. RPFSC reserves the rights to expel members displaying inappropriate conduct.


Privacy Policy
Riley Park Figure Skating Club adheres to the Privacy Policy of British Columbia Yukon Section of Skate Canada

Your privacy and the protection of your personal information is important to us. Your personal information is required to register you with Skate Canada in any capacity, as a Skate Canada registrant, coach or in connection with your affiliation with a skating club or skating school and to administer various services, such as Skate Canada events. Your personal information may also be exchanged with Skate Canada affiliates which includes your local skating club or skating school or provincial association or section. Skate Canada’s adopt the 10 Fair Information Principles into their privacy program, and employ reasonable measures to protect against unauthorized access, processing, disclosure, alteration, destruction or loss of your personal information.

On our web site, you may find links to third party web sites.  Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or content on third party sites.  Therefore, it is recommended that you read the privacy policy of third party web sites for your information.

Filming/Videography and photographs of any kind are not permitted during lessons without the express permission of the Club and its Directors.


The Riley Park Figure Skating Club (RPFSC), its board members, volunteers and coaches are not responsible for any accidents, injuries or loss of personal belongings either on or off the ice while attending our programs. RPFSC reserves the right to change, cancel or reassign skaters to sessions.  The Club is not responsible for the cancellation of classes due to ice cancellations that are beyond its control and will make every effort to reschedule ice time when possible but replacement ice is not guaranteed.

Please email info@rpfsc.ca if you have any questions regarding our Club Policies.


All requests to withdraw from a program must be made in writing to registrar@rpfsc.ca

  • Request to withdraw from a program with more than seven (7) calendar days before the scheduled start date will receive a refund for the program fees, less the non-refundable fees**
  • Request to withdraw from a program between six (6) calendar days before the program start date and the scheduled second class will receive a refund less the prorated amount for one lesson and non-refundable fees**
  • NO refunds/credits will be given after the scheduled second (2nd) class of a program except in the case of medical circumstances.
  • If a skater misses his/her regular session for a particular day, s/he may not skate on another session in lieu. Refunds will not be provided.

Skaters who miss a minimum of 14 calendar days due to illness may qualify for reimbursement in the form of a credit. A note from a doctor must be included along with the written request for reimbursement for review by the Board of Directors who consider medical credits on a case by case basis. If granted, the credit will be prorated from the date of medical documentation.

* Refunds apply only to the withdrawal from a CanSkate program. PreStar to Star 5 & Up are only refundable one week prior to the beginning of the program start date.