Volunteering Policy

The parent-volunteer system has long been a cornerstone of the Riley Park Figure Skating Club. As a non-profit organization, our operations, with the exception of professional coaching and a part time administrator, are carried out by volunteers.

  1. The club requires a volunteer commitment from skater families with skaters involved in the Pre-Star program and up.
  2. Families not wishing to volunteer are to indicate this by paying the “Volunteer Opt-Out Fee” upon check-out when registering.
  3. When the skater is a minor (18 and under), the volunteer commitment is to be undertaken by the parent(s) of the skater.
  4. Upon completion of grade 12, the volunteer commitment can be undertaken by either the skater or parent(s) or a combination of both.
  5. In cases where the registered skater is also a coach at our club, and is no longer a minor, the volunteer commitment is still required to be completed.
  6. Two (2) persons from one family (partner & spouse/parent & child) cannot assign themselves the same shift and be counted as two (2) shifts.
  7. Sharing an account with relatives (other than your immediate family) or friends is not permitted.


Volunteering creates connections and community. We at RPFSC follow a time-honoured tradition of connecting through the work required to maintain the skating club. The RPFSC Board and our members collectively contribute to the various functions of running and managing a successful organization. Without the work of our volunteers, our club would not function. Volunteer participation also translates to affordable fees and savings that supplement on- and off-ice fees, subsidize competition fees, test fees and provide skaters with club jackets, among other things.
We welcome volunteers from all levels of our skating programs. Families with skaters in our PreStar and Star 1-5 and up groups are required to commit to a minimum number of volunteer hours per skating year. There are no volunteer requirements for our Canskate families but we encourage the families to get involved.
This table summarizes volunteer fees and required volunteer hours.
Registration for

Volunteer Fee/Volunteer Opt  Out Fee Amount

Minimum volunteer hours/credits

Hours to be completed by

Fall 2023 $100 7 December 21, 2023
Winter 2024 $100 7 March 16, 2024
Spring 2024 TBC 6 June 30, 2024
Summer 2024 TBC 2 August 12, 2024

Volunteer participation is necessary to ensure our club functions smoothly. While we understand that a few families are unable to commit to volunteer hours, we prefer that all our members share the workload that benefits our skaters.

Families who intend to volunteer are required to pre-authorize the payment of the Volunteer Fee but we will delay processing the payment. Upon completion of the required volunteer hours, we will reverse the pre-authorized charge before it is debited from your credit card. If you volunteer and partially complete your required volunteer hours, the full Volunteer Fee will be will be debited from credit card as we do not pro-rate the Volunteer fee.

Families who elect to opt out of volunteering will be required to pay the full Volunteer Opt out Fee upon Check Out when completing your registration and your family will not be required to fulfill volunteer hours.

There are various tasks available throughout the year. Desk duties comprise the majority of the volunteer hours available and are arguably the easiest way to fulfil your volunteer time commitment.

Aside from desk duties, the club also requires a variety of talents and skills to keep the club progressive and successful. Skills in content management systems, word processing, fundraising and grant writing are always an asset to the club. We also require assistance with club clothing, desk coordination, volunteer administration, promotions as well as organizing club events. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are able to contribute a talent or skill that we have not listed.

Volunteer updates and requests for desk shifts coverage are sent out regularly by email and a list of available volunteer opportunities will be updated regularly on the Volunteer Sign Up page in our registration system.

The member(s) that volunteer for desk duties take care of a number of tasks including taking attendance and answering questions. It is also an excellent way to get to know other families involved in the club.

More importantly, desk coverage ensures that we have a member available to assist the coaches in the event of accidents, evacuation or other emergencies.

Desk duties are typically divided into sets of 5 to 7 week segments. When you sign up for a set of desk duties, you are responsible for that full set/period of time. While we strive to divide any volunteer time equally, unfortunately, it is not always possible. Your assistance and participation benefits all the skaters and families in the club.
Yes! Please sign up even if you cannot complete a full set of shifts. There may be another parent who has signed up for the same shift who may be able to cover for you. Additionally, if you know the dates that you will be away, we encourage you to find another parent to replace you. If you are unable to find another parent to cover your shift while you are away, email [email protected].
We encourage you to find another member to take over for you or to trade shifts with. You could also email us at [email protected] as soon as possible.
We will post all our Volunteer Opportunities on our Online Registration system where you will be able to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities by logging into our Online Registration system, navigate to “Registration” and click on the “Volunteer Sign Up” button in the left hand column. Check back often and keep an eye out for emails to inform you when new volunteer opportunities are available.