About CanSkate Lessons

What happens on ice
During the first week of lessons, skaters are being assessed by coaches to create small groups of skaters at a similar level. By the second week, “lessons” will begin. Each lesson consists of a warm-up, rotation through three circuits, a group activity and a cool-down. Each circuit focuses on one of the fundamental areas: Balance, Control and Agility. While skating on the circuit, the skaters will learn new skills and practice skills learned in previous lessons.

What to Wear
Skaters are required to bring their own skates and helmets. Skate and helmet rentals will not be availale during our lessons. CSA approved hockey helmets must be worn at all times (as per the Skate Canada Helmet Use Policy). Skaters should dress warmly and clothing should allow free range of motion. Gloves or mittens must be worn to protect the skater’s hands if he/she falls, as well as for warmth. Skaters who are not wearing CSA approved hockey helmets will not be permitted to skate.

Name Tags
Name tags are provided for all the skaters and must be picked up from the check-in table before going on the ice. The name tags are collected at the end of each class so that they can be prepared for the next week.

Parent/Caregiver presence:
CanSkate parents/care givers are to remain in the vicinity of the rink during your skater’s full lesson so that you will be available to meet your skater at the rink entrance if they need to come off the ice. This is especially important for little ones who are unable to use the toilet by themselves as our volunteers are not allowed to accompany a child inside the restrooms. To maximize your skater’s time on the ice, we suggest ensuring they have used the toilet prior to their lesson.

No photography or filming during lessons
There is no photography or filming during lessons. While we realize you want to capture your child’s progress on film, we are unable to monitor who is being filmed, by whom, and the children who are part of the video or picture being taken.

Parent Meetings
When the skaters, coaches and program assistants settle into a routine over the next few weeks, our CanSkate Coordinator will be holding meetings with CanSkate parents to provide additional information and to answer any questions that arise.