2018-19 RPFSC Board of Directors

At our Annual General Meeting held on Monday, October 1, the following individuals were elected for two year terms until the 2020 AGM:

  • Treasurer – Veronica Xue
  • Secretary – Amy Scott
  • Board Member at Large  – Mari Fitzgerald
  • Board Member at Large  – Tammy Klymenko

They will join our Board Members who are in their positions until our 2019 AGM.

  • President – Doris Yip
  • Coaches Representative – Marnie Walthers
  • Board Member at Large – Promotions – Dennis Bohme,
  • Board Member at Large – Uplifter Administrator  – EJ Richard
  • Board Member at Large – Volunteer Coordinator – Grace Yuen

We also wish to extend our gratitude to Cathy Chang (Past President),  Sarah Quon (Past Secretary) and Keith Nusgart (Past Board Member at Large) who have left the Board.  We appreciate their gift of talent and time for the work they contributed to our Club.

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